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LearnUp: January HubSpot Updates

by Article by Dan Moyle Dan Moyle | January 9, 2024 at 7:45 AM

In this update round up, we're tackling two specific HubSpot updates, unrelated but important to know as you head into 2024.  

HubSpot Support UX Changes

First up, something we noticed in a few client portals: HubSpot Support UX has changed!


As you can see in the screenshot above, the Support UX is now a chat. Instead of seeing all the options available and some of the Knowledge Base resources or common questions, you have to initiate your question. 

So if you want to "contact support," ask the chat how to contact support and you'll get the old options. 

While the evolution of support is nice when you add a chat feature, this doesn't feel as user-friendly now that it takes a question and at least one click to get to the contact information. 

We don't give this update five stars.

Primary + Additional Emails on Import

Second, an update to the HubSpot import functionality. 

When you're in a Contact record, you have primary email along with the ability to manually add other emails. 

For instance, you might have a contact with samsmith@thebestcompanyever.com along with their old email of sam.smith@theworstcompanyever.com from their previous role. You can update these emails in the record.


In the Company record, it's the same story with a company's website, or domain name. 

Historically, that wasn't possible in an import. 

Until now. In this high-energy update from Kyle Jepson, we're learning that HubSpot has made it possible to add additional email for contacts and website addresses for company object imports. 

Yes, it's an exciting update. 

Use case? Imagine importing a database from a CRM you're leaving behind and you have historical data like previous roles and emails. Before, you'd have to import them and then ask an intern to update them all. 

Bless the interns, because no one should be doing that work. 

But today, you can import additional emails or domains under a separate column, keeping the main one, the main one!