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Does your Logo Fumble or Win the Championship?

by Article by Rachel Begg Rachel Begg | January 29, 2014 at 4:47 PM

Does your logo fumble or win the championship?If your company’s logo was a team playing in the big game on Sunday, would it win? Have you considered every option, explored different strategies, researched the latest trends to put your best foot forward and beat out your competition? Does your logo have what it takes to bring home the Big W?!

You might be able to say yes to all of these questions but what it comes down to is the performance of your logo when it counts, just like the players of a football team on game day for the championship. Your logo needs to speak for itself!

We are going to play a little game. If you can say "yes" to each of the following questions about your logo, then you have successfully thrown a pass to the end zone and scored a touchdown for your company! Each "yes" is worth 7 points.

  1. Is your logo horizontal?
  2. Do you have horizontal and vertical options for your logo?
  3. Do you have a black and white option for your logo?
  4. Can your logo work on a black or white backgrounds with a transparent background?
  5. Can you sketch the symbolic components in seven seconds or less?
  6. Did you buy the font used in your logo?
  7. Do you use two or less fonts?
  8. Does your logo use one color?
  9. Did you consult with a graphic design professional for the design?
  10. Do you have a logo option including your tagline?

Calculate your current score and save that number for the end of the game. 

So maybe you had a perfect game in the first half but you still need to keep up the good work in the second half. If you answer "yes" to any of these following questions your team will Fumble the ball and the opposing team will score a touchdown against you!

  1. Do you use three or more colors? (black or white do not count here)
  2. Do you have more than one shape not including the text in your logo?
  3. Are any shapes in your logo literal instead of abstract? (a globe or star or anything identifiable)
  4. Are any shapes in your logo considered clip art?
  5. Do you use a photo or complex pattern or texture in your logo?
  6. Is there a gradient in or behind your logo?
  7. Do you use a drop shadow or outer glow in your logo?
  8. Did you use default font kerning in your text? (kerning is the space between the letters in your company name)
  9. Is your logo legible when it’s scaled down to the size of a nickel? 
  10. Do you use more than 2 different font sizes?

Count up the number of yesses from the second half and multiply that number by 7. After you have done that subtract that number from your earlier score at the half. Does your team come out on top? Did your logo win the game with it’s skillfully, simple design? Only you can know the real winner by comparing your score total to the scoreboard below.


Your Score Total > 49
You are in fantastic shape and you dominated the competition!

28 < Your Score Total < 49
You are in that wildcard phase and can't tell if you have what it takes to win it.

Your Score Total < 28
You are in need of some serious help and could use a new coach!
(a.k.a. guidance from our amazing graphic design team at Impulse Creative)

Now that you have your logo classified as a winner, or not, how does your brand compare? Click below to download the Do-It-Yourself Brand Audit Guide for some good tips and ideas to enhance your brand.