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Here’s What You Missed on Season 3 of the Maiden Voyage Podcast

by Article by Jenn Villa Jenn Villa | May 1, 2020 at 8:15 AM

Here at Impulse Creative, we love podcasts: listening to them, being invited on them and, especially, hosting them. That’s why we started the woman-led, nautical gem: Maiden Voyage Podcast.

We understand that women face unique challenges, from glass ceilings at work to everyday personal stressors— and while this lady-hosted podcast focuses heavily on women’s issues, we created a platform that’s relevant for anyone who values self-improvement, equality, and bad-ass inspiration.

Whether you only listened sporadically or missed the whole darn season, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s what you missed on Season 3 of the Maiden Voyage Podcast:



Episode 1: Facebook Groups with Jump Consulting's Bella Vasta

Bella Vasta is the dynamic personality behind the two-woman coaching company, Jump Consulting. Since 2002, Bella has been a trailblazer in the pet industry, consulting with multi-million dollar companies and small businesses alike. Her influence as an author, podcast host, blogger, and has earned her recognition on NBC, CBS, FOX, NPR, and Huffington Post— just to name a few. 

After our mermaids Jackie and Jenn connected with her at INBOUND2019, we just had to have her on the podcast. While we love her versatility and popularity within the pet industry, we invited Bella on Maiden Voyage to talk about her experience using Facebook Groups. 

In this episode, Bella shares the story of how she started an incredibly rich Facebook community, where members support one another like none we’ve quite seen before. Get some tips and tricks for engaging in Facebook Groups from one kick-ass user— Mrs. Vasta!


Episode 2: Top Sheroes of 2019

Looking back at this past year, 2019 was quite a time for empowered ladies— packed with incredible women standing up for what they believe in. Whether that was supporting other rad chicks, taking over politics, making money, or owning the “Me Too” movement, there’s no doubt it was the year of the voice!

In this episode, the three J’s of Maiden Voyage— Jackie, Juli, and Jenntalk about their favorite lady bosses of the year. We mention quite a few female rock stars, but each mermaid picked one that really left an impact on them this year. 

Spoiler alert! We chose Meg Takacs, Rupi Kaur, and Lizzo. Discover why these queens were crowned our top three sheroes of 2019.


Episode 3: The Gender Confidence Gap & How to Overcome It

Despite the great strides women have made in the past few decades, evidence shows that there’s still a confidence gap in the workforce. Some ladies simply feel less confident than their male coworkers, even when stacked against those of equal or lower status on the corporate ladder. 

In this episode, the mermaids get deep into the concept of imposter syndrome, a few differing perspectives of confidence, and other tidbits that many help you overcome feelings of inadequacy. We dive into great sources and research, and even share some of our own personal experiences that helped us develop more self-assurance around the office. 

From viewing confidence as a learnable skill rather than a fixed personality trait to rock-solid advice about claiming your achievements, this isn’t a clip to skip!


Episode 4: Sh*t We Need to Stop Doing in 2020

“It’s 2020, people! How are we still doing this?!” That’s a phrase that came out of almost all of our mermaid’s mouths at some point this year. And we only recorded this episode in February! 

There were just a lot of things we hoped would change at the start of the new decade… and we’re still confident they can stop, if only more people became aware of why they need to.

From voting for "who wore it best" contests and not wearing sunscreen, to complaining about things if you aren't willing to make a change, our mermaids cover some of the most annoying habits women and everyone alike still participate in— all things that are well overdue to be retired or modified as apart of our “New Year, New Me” resolutions. Grab a pen and paper and get ready to jot down a few “no-no’s” for 2020. 


Episode 5: How to Avoid Unintentional Misogyny in the Workplace: A Wayfinding Growth Crossover! 

Are you afraid you've been accidentally offensive to one of your female coworkers? Despite our best efforts, misogyny— or “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women”— still occurs both inside and out of the workplace. 

Remington and Dan of the Wayfinding Growth Show wanted a woman’s perspective on the hot topic of misogyny at work, and (a little nervously, no doubt!) invited Jackie, Juli, and Jenn of Maiden Voyage to share opinions in a collaborative crossover episode. 

In this episode, the mermaids get vulnerable, sharing some experiences of discrimination at work as well as some ways that men and all genders alike can be more respectful of one other behind the desk, in front of the water cooler, and just about everywhere in between.


Episode 6: How Men vs. Women Give & Receive Feedback

Men and women give and receive feedback differently— and we’ve got proof. In this episode, our mermaids swim into some controversial waters, bringing attention to both the good and the bad of the feedback world. 

We reference some incredible research, tackling the topics of peer vs. self-feedback, the language both men and women use to describe themselves and their specific gendered counterparts, and other key ways we differ. 

From men who are honing their “natural” leadership abilities to women who are “too aggressive,” the words used to deliver feedback directly affect the outcome for women and men in the workplace. We hope this episode inspires both those who give and those who receive feedback to be more kind and self-aware with the words they choose.


Episode 7: Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Theory & Brands with Powerful “WHYs”

Here at Impulse Creative, we love Simon Sinek and his revolutionary approach to marketing: starting with WHY— or your company’s true reason for being in business. 

In this episode, we discuss who Simon is, what his famous Golden Circle Theory is and cover some of our favorite brands with clearly defined WHYs. From the ethically-sourced care products made by Lush or Seventh Generation to Photoshop-free Aerie models, we dive into brands who really have their mission, vision, and core values down pat to inspire you to more thoroughly develop some of your own.


Episode 8: Working from Home Survival Tips

While the maidens you know and love are usually working full-time remotely, the current global COVID-19 pandemic had us talking about the challenges that we’ve heard our friends encountering over the last few weeks transitioning from office life to working from home. 

In this timely episode of Maiden Voyage, we’re having a casual cocktail conversation about what we do to stay productive and sane when working remotely, especially during this time of quarantine and social distancing. From making special zones in our house to navigating lesser known features of the video streaming app Zoom, we’ve got some great tips.

BONUS! If you find this topic interesting, be sure to watch our Things that Affect Your Productivity episode from season two, or throw it back to season one, where we discuss Our Fav Apps and How They Get Us Through


Episode 9: Hosting & Attending Virtual Conferences with Meghan Hultquist

Things have changed very abruptly and drastically for presenters in early 2020. With shifts in our marketplace to working remotely, we have to adapt to holding conferences and interacting with others online. 

That’s why we invited Meghan Hultquist to chat with us on this episode of Maiden Voyage. This professional public speaker (and HQDigital agency President!) brings some truly incredible tips on how you can become a thought leader in the current digital atmosphere and rock the video conference lifestyle. 

We banter on video conference etiquette, both for attendees and those running the show, and discuss a few ways to leverage video to tell your story or advocate your cause— all in hopes of empowering better virtual conversations.  


Episode 10: Things Making Us Smile While Social Distancing

Twenty-twenty is off to a rough start, but instead of scrolling through news feeds filled with complaints, there are always things to make you smile! 

In this casual chit chat, our mermaids tease a couple memes that are making us laugh, share a few inspiring stories, and reveal a couple things that are bringing us sunshine on our gloomiest COVID-19 isolation days. 

From heartfelt news tales about “the rooftop lovers” or John Krasinski's new YouTube channel, to fancy new yoga mats and the best flavor of Monster energy drinks, we chat about a little of everything. These useful, practical, and sometimes silly things are sparking joy for our mermaids, and hopefully they’ll make you smile too.


Episode 11: How to Make Adult Friends

Whether you’ve just left college or relocated to a new town for a job, making friends as we get older is hard! Even if your routine hasn’t changed and you’re just looking for a way to connect... come one— come all! 

Join the mermaids as we share tips, tricks, and stories about how we’ve managed to mingle as adults and make some really kick-ass friends! From forcing conversations with daycare moms until they learn to love ya to asking for that barista who knows your drink order by heart for their name, there are tons of great ways to turn strangers into buds.

We discuss some of the challenges and roadblocks to friend-finding and knock down the walls with some vulnerable advice. A must-listen for introverts and extroverts alike!


Episode 12: How Being Agile Leads to Success During Times of Uncertainty

During these past few months of business closures and social distancing, a lot has changed. Companies that are able to remain open are doing what they can to remain agile during this period of instability— but what exactly does that mean?

As marketers, we know that “doing” agile is different than “being” agile. One involves practices you can do to innovate, while the other is a constant mindset. This episode, the mermaids are talking about both: how we’re staying adaptable by reassessing our client’s needs professionally, as well as what we’re doing after hours to get through these uncertain times and pull ourselves out of this homebody funk.


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