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Using Animated Videos for your Business Marketing

by Article by Remington Begg Remington Begg | July 6, 2018 at 10:09 AM

The way we have done marketing has come a long way. Before the internet took over the planet, companies relied on tv & radio commercials, billboards, you know simpler things like that. Now? Thanks to the inter-webs and social media, marketers have many options to get their message across. With video becoming their primary choice of weapon. We all know video is basically taking over the marketing game because more people want it. It’s appealing, it’s authentic, and it gets the point across. A lot can be accomplished with using videos. They can be simple videos like this one I’m sharing with you now, or..

Animated Script & Conversation

CARTOON: ANIMATED…...like this guy

CARTOON: Are you ok? I didn’t mean to scare you.

NOEL: Yea no I’m great. Didn’t really scare me.

CARTOON: Are you sure? ...Are you crying?

NOEL: No I’m fine.

CARTOON: It looks like ....


CARTOON: ……...right……..Animation can really step your marketing game up to the next level. This is not a new strategy , companies have been doing this for years. From Cartoon shorts, to motion graphics, and the best part is anyone can achieve this without spending thousands on production. If you have the equipment, creativity and a little animation knowledge then it’s possible. It doesn’t have to be the most technical animation out there. I mean look at me! This guy barely knows how to animate but he made me work.

NOEL: Hey!

CARTOON: I said you made me work! Don’t be a punk.

NOEL: Anyway, I guess another cool thing about animation is basically have no limitations on what you can make huh.

CARTOON: Correct, possibilities are endless. Animation gives your Marketing videos an edge to your message that would be challenging if not impossible to achieve with live action shooting.

NOEL: That’s true, that reminds me of that funny Orangina commercial. ( Show weird commercial )

CARTOON: Why would you recommend that, that was weird.


CARTOON: He has the right idea though, the people from Orangina had fun with the video, and you should too, because when you do it’ll catch potential client’s attention which is a win win, you generate leads and made something entertaining and engaging.. I’m sure you all remember this guy ( show geico commercial ) Geico gave themselves a mascot and for years the company relied on animation to represent them. Everyone and their mom knows the Geico Gecko.

NOEL: Wow, well I’m sold on the concept that Animations make for kick ass Marketing videos. Thanks little cartoon dude.

CARTOON: Actually my name is..

NOEL: Yea that’s great. With the world of video marketing evolving at a rapid pace -- it helps to try to be creative as possible with new ways to grab people’s attention. If you’re already doing videos then like the little guy said it maybe time to step up your video game…..with animation.

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