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Why Contextual Marketing is Essential To Your Business Goals

by Article by Rachel Begg Rachel Begg | December 12, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Not all of your customers are the same. They don’t have the same needs, they don’t approach your site with the same intent, nor do they react in the same manner. So why would your website market to them in the same way? Enter in contextual marketing! Half of winning the battle to meet both your business goals and your customer’s needs is understanding contextual marketing and applying it to your marketing strategy. Let’s examine a few reasons why incorporating this concept is good for business.

Contextual Marketing is Based On The Users And Their Goals

A marketing system that is based on your customers and the problems they are trying to solve is the basis of contextual marketing. In order to help visitors address their needs and goals, your website must be thoughtfully constructed. This can be attained by paying attention to their needs and creating a personalized user experience for not just first time visitors, but repeat visitors as well. Using user experience to align your business goals with your potential customer’s goals will ensure that all parties are reaching their desired outcomes. The goal is to capture visitor’s attention and provide solutions without them having to do hard work.

Contextual_Marketing.jpgContextual Marketing Addresses Visitors According To Where They Are In The Buyer’s Journey

Helping visitors move through the buyer’s journey and convert is always a goal of businesses. The best way to assist your customers in doing this, is to provide valuable content that is contextually relevant. Using contact forms that replace old fields for returning contacts, personalizing throughout your website for different users, and adding new offers to existing visitors will help your potential customers move through the buyer’s journey. Adding these key pieces of content to different areas in your site proves to be a valuable strategy when addressing the needs of your customers.

Contextual Marketing Helps Your Website Stay Up To Date

Imagine a website that always had new and relevant information that you needed to make a decision. A company that uses contextual marketing and employs smart content to boost conversion rates to stay on top of providing new content will always be the company that stands out. Ensuring that you optimize your site to show new offers boosts your visitor’s user experiences and helps your organization align with the goals of your visitors. By doing this, you also cut down on the number of loops and hurdles a visitor goes through to become a lead. A website that is up to date and offers new content every time will be one that provides valuable solutions to a customer.

Contextual marketing is essential to not only providing a solution to potential customers, but to also making sure your business goals are being met. Want to learn more about tieing customers back to specific marketing initiatives? Download our FREE eBook: Introduction To Closed-Loop Marketing

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