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3 Reasons We Love Helping Our Clients

by Article by Audrey DeMartinis Audrey DeMartinis | February 13, 2019 at 10:38 AM

Its that time of year again, Love is in the air! Red, pink, hearts and all things cupid is all you see in stores. It's personally my favorite time of year to hit the Target storeโ€™s dollar section.

Many of you are searching for the perfect way to show your special person just how much you love them this holiday. Here at Impulse Creative we, too, are in a dilemma. We are searching for a way to show our clients how much we love helping their businesses grow.

After much deliberation, we decided against flowers (allergies), chocolates (calories), jewelry (we couldnโ€™t place a bulk order in time) and candy jewelry (sticky nonsense.) Instead, weโ€™ve chosen to express our love for helping clients by doing what we do best, loudly declaring it online. Lucky you :)

So pull up a heart-shaped velvet chair as you read how each member of Impulse Creative loves helping our clients.


Remington Impulse Creative Valentines Day

I love helping our clients define what success looks like. When the lightbulb hits about how strategies can help them reach their objectives it's so satisfying.

Many clients have had bad experiences with past firms. And getting them involved with our A-TEAM and hearing how much they enjoy working with the Wayfinders at Impulse Creative is the best part of my week.

I love teaching clients how Conversational Marketing will allow them to increase their response rates to their website and marketing campaigns. I live for those lightbulb moments when the hard work starts to pay off.


Rachel Impulse Creative Valentines Day

Having multiple options to pay for an invoice is paramount, some of our bigger clients prefer manual ACH payments, and some smaller companies prefer sending a check. I love helping our clients by helping them choose a process of payment that is right for their preference or business size.

I love being able to keep our clients' profiles organized. When someone calls I am able to tell them exactly what they owe, what domains we own, who works on their account, and how long they have been a client. This helps the internal stuff run smoothly. And I love to organize!

Friends Gif

The third thing that I love is not directly associated with clients, but it makes our employees happier which in result makes them treat our clients better. I love being able to keep snacks at our office (and even remote employeesโ€™ shelves). I also love planning employee events to help build commodore and helps with teamwork, which helps them work better together for client projects.


Audrey Impulse Creative Valentines Day

I love setting up projects for our clients. I love creating project plans, client snapshots, asana project, harvest projects, forecast planning and any other tools to set our clients up for success. Giving them the roadmap to their project is something I enjoy putting together.

I love the end of a project when we unveil our remarkable work, watching a client finally see their beautiful project come to life is my favorite part of my job.

I love exceeding clients expectations. From onboarding to offboarding I love being the advocate for the client. This ensures the client is always happy, and we love our clients so of course, we want them happy.


I love helping prospects understand the true root of their problems and co-creating solutions to help them achieve success!

I love showing prospects and clients how new technologies can amplify their business.

I love connecting with, talking to and helping our clients!


Jeff Impulse Creative Valentines Day

I love the *objective role* we play when partnering with our clients. We have the unique privilege of assessing their business with a fresh perspective and get to ask questions they may haven't answered in a long time. This is helpful as it challenges them to think critically about why they started their business in the first place.

As a designer, who is passionate about my work, I love *sharing my enthusiasm* for the role design can play in an organization. From sales to marketing, and building a brand, design touches a lot of points in any business. Business owners have remarked in the past how helpful it is to have an advocate for design in their corner.

I generally love answering questions and solving problems; whether they deal with design or something else. *The most helpful thing we can do for clients who put their trust in us, is listen*. I'm a big proponent of truly hearing a person, and finding ways to make their business better. Empathy starts in the ear.


Courtney Impulse Creative Valentines Day

I love thoroughly listening to my clientsโ€™ goals and objectives. One of my favorite things about this job is the diversity of the work. Each client is different and it's great having the opportunity to immerse myself into different industries every day. It's allowed me to expand my knowledge and understand the nature of a variety of different fields of work.

Next, I love coming up with a detailed, creative strategy to reach my clients' goals through inbound marketing efforts. In this role, we are the inbound marketing experts and instead of being given a list of tasks to check off, we have the freedom to thoroughly evaluate the clients' goals and come up with our own strategies to solve their problems and accomplish these set goals.

Last, I love helping our clients by building relationships with them. Video has been an amazing tool we use every day to communicate with our clients. Anyone can complete tasks and communicate back and forth via email, but you miss out on that personal touch if you close yourself off to just that medium. I enjoy getting to know our clients with that face-to-face communication. People like to do business with people and video has allowed us to give our clients that human touch and really understand our clients' needs with that nonverbal communication you don't get over email or direct messaging.


George Impulse Creative Valentines Day

I love educating our customers about all things sales, marketing, and video.

I love helping them with strategy that drives more revenue for their business.

I love seeing micro and macro success and what they do with that to change their company culture and communities.


Jenn Impulse Creative Valentines Day

By getting clients to rank for important keywords.* Clients are delighted to see their website appear on page one of Google!

By helping my clients educate their customers.* One of the best parts about blogging is sharing interesting facts my clientsโ€™ customers didnโ€™t know to help them problem solve.

By showing personal interest, often.* I love doing business with clients, but I also like to get to know them as a friend. Not all talks have to be work-related. Itโ€™s wonderful to make a connection.


Danielle Impulse Creative Valentines day

Content is really the frosting on that new website cake and some days my job is super sweet.

I love helping our clients to discover how to say what they want to say to their own clients. Because sometimes, when you're really entrenched in an industry, it's really difficult to take a step back and simplify.

I love personifying a client's brand with them and helping them to find their brand voice. It's a really fun activity and it gets you all thinking in unexpected ways about the business.

I love being able to say exactly what the client REALLY wants to say about themselves, but couldn't find the right words for. It's so satisfying and it gets them so excited for their whole website.


Ryan Impulse Creative Valentines Day

I love taking ideas in my head and putting them into action and watching the needle move for my inbound clients. Knowing that strategies that didn't exist a month prior have been put into action and are bringing in leads and business is an extremely rewarding feeling.

I really love getting that "good job Ryan" from a client. As corny as that sounds, a little praise goes a long way and can motivate me to keep those #winning results coming in strong.

I love being the resource they go to when they have business growth questions. "Hey Ryan, I need to increase my leads by 20% in the next 6 months, how do we make that happen?" "Hey Ryan, what are the biggest trends in SEO?" Knowing those answers and positioning not only myself, but my agency as a valuable resource gives me the Valentine's Day tingles.


I love making them excited to use our products.

I love thinking of new ways to enhance customer experience.

I love bringing new ideas to existing projects.


I love building products we know they want.

I love knowing that our services can return proven results.

I love finding solutions to current problems.


I love to help my clients rank higher for keywords that drive revenue & ROI as well as strategizing.

I love to deliver high quality content that provides value.

I love anticipating my clients needs in order to deliver quickly on projects.


Noel Impulse Creative Valentines Day

I love being creative with the clients.

I love getting to work on something they are passionate about.

I love making their videos more engaging and attractive for their business goals.

In Closing

Wow! Thatโ€™s a lot of love!

It only seems fitting I wrap things up with a beautiful poem:

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue

Thanks for Reading

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