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5 Key Strategies To Craft The Perfect Business Blog Post

by Article by Rachel Begg Rachel Begg | January 9, 2016 at 5:00 PM

With so many marketing tactics designed to drive business to your website you may be wondering, β€œDo I really need to blog?”. The answer is a resounding, yes! You’re never short on new ways to create content that draws in visitors and establishes your business as a thought leaderBlogging.jpg in your industry. Creating thought-provoking, relevant pieces matter not only to your business, but to the people you’re trying to attract. Get your blog in front of people who are searching for solutions you can offer. When creating the perfect blog post for your business, be sure to keep the five strategies below in mind:

Pick A Topic Related To Your Industry

When blogging for your business, it is important to pick topics that are related to your industry, not your business. Your goal is to draw in your ideal customer with relevant information that they will find useful. Your content should be educational and helpful for readers. Consider conducting keyword research to figure out what words your potential customers are actually searching for. Also, be sure to stick with one topic per blog post. Use these topics to provide specific information to attract the right buyer personas in individual posts.  

Optimize Your Blog Post

Creating a blog post that is attractive, fluid and easy to read will help convert your visitors. Build your posts using long-termed keywords. A few places you want to make sure the keywords show up include:

  • Page Title
  • URL
  • Post Title
  • Image Alt-Text
  • Naturally In The Text
  • In Blog Headers

In addition to using keywords, utilizing the white space and images help people visually move through your content. This allows the text to be separated and broken up into sections, helping your visitors really read the information. Also, consider using bold text and lists to guide visitors towards important content. Lastly, include internal and external links that are relevant and add value to your post.

Offer Next Steps

Including additional offers or call-to-actions to your blog posts helps converts visitors by leading them further into the buyer’s journey. Give your visitors a next step that helps them gain more information.For example, inBlog.jpgclude educational offers like eBooks or additional relevant blog posts help your visitors gain valuable insights while also allowing you convert them into leads.

Promote Your Post

A good blog posts becomes static if no one sees it. Strategically promote your recent and popular posts using other outlets that have shareability. A few areas to leverage your blog posts include:

  • Website Navigation Bar
  • Social Media
  • Email

Don’t be afraid to extend the life of your blog post. Re-using content that is still useful and relevant is also a great practice to increase visibility.

Measure And Analyze Your Blog Posts

Measuring and analyzing your blog post performance is an important component to improve visibility. This allows you to see which post are performing well by the number of views, number clicks to any CTAs or by topic of individual blog posts. Analyzing these numbers can give you insight into adjusting strategy to refine your blog posts and boost engagement.

Adding these practices to your blogging strategy will help round out your overall campaign and help your business build industry influence and valuable content. Ready to deep dive and learn more? Download our step-by-step guide Beginners Guide To Blogging For Business