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The Future of SEO for your Website: Content Marketing

by Article by Rachel Begg Rachel Begg | July 20, 2012 at 12:56 PM

value1Google is notorious about being vague with its SEO guidelines but one thing is very clear: Google wants high quality content so users get relevant search results 100% of the time and want's advertisers to keep coming back.

The Future of Search Engine Optimization is going to be no longer based on what traditional "SEO's" are doing to optimize websites and increase ranking. Companies that have been dead set on "optimizing" websites without being required to show Return On Investment are goinging to be replaced out by a new type of Internet Marketing Company.

The Future of Search Engine Optimization is Content Marketing:

Content marketing is all about educating and informing consumers about topics that are related to a particular industry. It's not a hard sell. The company that is the provider of the helpful article gets its brand in front of consumers who are likely to need its services. That article sends traffic from Google and other search engines and fortify the campaign with traffic from referrals, social media, customer reviews, word of mouth and more.

Content Marketing is just one part of a methodology called Inbound Marketing. Be Sure to subscribe to our blog to learn more as we're going to be publishing regular content on how your Internet Marketing will benefit and can improve using some very simple techniques.

The Future of SEO comes down to this: Stop Trying to Cheat Google, Stop Trying to spend Time "optimizing" and start generating content that your customers would find interesting. If you start doing that, and then have a strategy on how to nurture those "readers" into customers. Then you're success Online is Guaranteed!