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How To Use Smart Content To Enhance Your Website

by Article by Rachel Begg Rachel Begg | December 16, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Personalizing content is at the helm of marketers strategy for guiding potential customers into future leads. One tool that is a great resource for marketing teams is HubSpot’s Smart Content. Smart content engages and meets your visitors where they are. It takes into account their goals and needs, while personalizing their experience. This tailored content not only helps your company stand out, but it also provides new experiences, and new pertinent information for your potential customers. Take a look at five ways to use smart content when enhancing your website!

#1 - Develop A Good User Experience

This is a crucial step in the smart content journey. Creating information that is personalized and valuable aids in helping visitors have the best possible user experience. Giving users helpful information every time they visit is a huge factor in converting leads. This is one detail you don’t want to leave out of ySmart_Guy_Content.jpgour content strategy!

#2 - Optimize Smart Content

We all know optimization is key when building out your site. From SEO to website and marketing content, helping your site perform better always a good thing. Be sure to optimize for the content visitors will see time after time. This smart content may change depending on the buyer persona but should always be tailored for each. Consider also continuing this practice for broader content, including keywords that use search engine optimization to rank your website. Covering all your bases when it comes to optimization will ensure your website is boosting conversion opportunities.

#3 - Start Small

Overhauling your website to include smart content can be an overwhelming process, so start small! Personalize one section of your site at a time. This allows you to see what works and what doesn’t. Making small tweaks will help you create targeted content for segmented audiences. Crafting specific information in one place also helps when pulling data and creating strategy for similar areas on your site.

Multiple_Users.jpg#4 - Provide Valuable Content To All Users

Providing relevant, valuable content that address user’s needs is extremely important. Presenting offers and services that may be relevant to all potential customers is equally as important. Because a lead can become a customer at any point in the buyer’s journey, you want to make sure you’re displaying information that speaks to your audience. Using your buyer personas to create smart content for your different visitors is especially helpful when building your content strategy.

#5 - Don’t Catch People Off Guard

Using smart content to personalize your is very important, but so is not being intrusive. You don’t want to overdo the personalization tokens. Using someone’s name the second time they visit your site can be a bit creepy. Build rapport and pick your personalizations wisely. Using the appropriate smart content with added value will effectively meet your user’s needs.

Using smart content to personalize your website is a great way to make sure valuable content and information reaches your users while making your website stand out. Ready to dive into more strategies that will help your site stand out? Download our free eBook: 5 Steps To An Awesome Website ReDesign

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