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HubSpot Training Options for HubSpot Users from Newbies to Veterans

by Article by Dan Moyle Dan Moyle | February 5, 2020 at 8:15 AM

From newbies to veterans, HubSpot users are always learning. Maybe it’s in their DNA or maybe we all just need to keep improving as the tool grows, but HubSpot training is critical for all of us. 

HubSpot is a powerful tool to help marketing managers create more human, helpful marketing that better serves both customers and your business. 

HubSpot helps businesses grow better. It offers consumers hope that marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, sales teams and service departments will be able to take care of us in a more human way.

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At the same time, this marketing, sales and service software tool can feel like a huge undertaking. 

HubSpot can feel overwhelming. 

So where do you turn when you want HubSpot training videos and help understanding this powerful tool?

HubSpot Training Options

When it comes to HubSpot software training, your options depend on your learning style and how deep you want to go in your learning journey.

Maybe you want to begin your journey and get HubSpot set up and running quickly. Or maybe you want to take on as much learning yourself as a DIY learner. You could even be looking for in-person intense training for an entire team. Let’s break down some of your HubSpot training options.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy is the place most HubSpot users start. It’s the basics of the tool, the inbound philosophy and more. It’s also where you can earn HubSpot certifications. Plus Academy is the platform where HubSpot teaches the world all about inbound marketing, inbound sales, business growth, modern communications, and more. HubSpot calls it the worldwide leader in inbound marketing, sales, and customer service/support training.

I like to think of it as a roadmap ... to success, to always learning. Sure it’s a platform for learning this massive tool called HubSpot. But it’s more of a mindset. Always be learning. And for HubSpot, that means always be teaching. 

With this free education platform, you get to learn at your own pace, diving into everything from the HubSpot platforms - the Sales Hub, the Marketing Hub and the Service Hub - to more general ideas like social media marketing, inbound sales, growth-driven design, content marketing, and so much more.

Whether you’re an executive or a manager looking for great people to staff your modern marketing team, or you’re looking for opportunities in the modern marketing, sales and service fields, HubSpot Academy helps. The certifications highlight people willing to put the work in to learn all about these current trends and growth-driven marketing and sales tactics. 

Not sure? HubSpot Academy Review

Sprocket Talk for the DIY Crowd

Do you watch Flip or Flop and think to yourself, “I can do that!”? Then you might be a do-it-yourselfer. You thrive in a DIY situation. 

That’s great. You can take complete charge of your HubSpot training with HubSpot training videos, tutorials, courses and community discussions at Sprocket Talk

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Everyone at Sprocket Talk is a veteran HubSpot user who remembers what it was like to be just as excited and intimidated to start using HubSpot as you may be. And they want to share with you what they've learned so that you can become a HubSpot expert as quickly as possible without the frustration of figuring it out for yourself.

You can get help kicking off your HubSpot training whether you’re a sales, marketing, service, or web professional. Stop feeling frustrated with HubSpot and begin to get the ROI you need to thrive.

You’ll see there’s free resources, VIP resources, group training, one-to-one training and more with this DIY HubSpot training option. 

Virtual One-on-One Onboarding and Training

Sometimes you just need a little hand-holding. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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We’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for specific HubSpot onboarding and training help, you can meet with trainers virtually one-on-one, or with up to four of your team members. 

Weekly 1-hour training sessions include time for Q&A during the training session. This training covers the entire HubSpot suite of tools and usually lasts for 9 to 12 months.

In-Person HubSpot Training Workshops

Many of these HubSpot training options take six months or a year (or sometimes longer for us lifelong learners). Maybe you need to ramp it up quicker, then maintain a learning trajectory later. 

No worries. Get ready to drink from a fire hose…

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In-person HubSpot training workshops help you and your team dive super deep into the tool and strategies that will drive your inbound success. 

With these workshops, we’ll assess your HubSpot usage and understanding of the pre-workshop. Then we customize your curriculum experience for your team's specific needs.

After the workshop, your trainer will help prioritize your action items and have three 30-minute follow up meetings to ensure your HubSpot success.

Take Your HubSpot Software Training to the Next Level

Wherever you are in your HubSpot journey, learning new updates to the tool and improving your experience could mean the difference between inbound success and going back to spreadsheets, Microsoft Paint and AOL email… 

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Make sure you’re putting the resources available to you to work to help turn your HubSpot work into marketing, sales and service wizardry. 

Want to know how you can find the best HubSpot training resource for you? Talk to a growth strategist today.

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