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LearnUp Podcast: Episode 1 - Workflows, Associations, and More

by Article by Dan Moyle Dan Moyle | January 16, 2024 at 7:45 AM

In the latest episode of "Learn Up with Impulse Creative," co-hosts Dan and Josh dive into the exciting updates from HubSpot, aiming to provide listeners with insights, use cases, and their thoughts on the changes.

Episode Kick-off:

The hosts welcome listeners and set the stage for an exploration of recent HubSpot updates. They emphasize their commitment to shedding light on the practical implications of these updates for users.

1. Membership Functionality Enhancement:

Dan introduces a game-changer: the addition of a workflow to resend registration emails. He shares the joy this brings, especially for onboarding specialists dealing with the complexities of membership management in HubSpot. The hosts discuss its impact on streamlining processes and reducing manual efforts.

2. Same Object Association:

Josh expresses excitement about the Same Object Association feature, emphasizing its significance for grouping related contacts, such as families. He highlights its potential applications in various industries, calling for a non-custom coded workflow to enhance user experience further.

3. Split Branch Functionality in Workflows:

Dan discusses the revamped workflow split branch feature, emphasizing its flexibility in dividing workflows into varying paths. He illustrates a real-world use case involving sales and marketing collaboration, providing listeners with practical insights into the power of this functionality.

4. Reusable Action Sets in Workflows:

The hosts delve into the new enterprise-level feature of reusable action sets. Dan shares the convenience of having pre-built templates for common workflow actions, simplifying complex processes and allowing for easy reuse. They acknowledge the significance of this feature for improving workflow efficiency.

Closing Thoughts:

In closing, Dan and Josh express their excitement for the updates, acknowledging HubSpot's dedication to user feedback. They invite listeners to explore more resources on the Impulse Creative website and encourage engagement and feedback.

Connect with Learn Up with Impulse Creative:

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In summary, the podcast provides a valuable breakdown of recent HubSpot updates, offering practical insights and use cases to help users navigate and leverage these enhancements effectively.