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LearnUp Podcast: Episode 2 - Bad Support UX, CDN Functionality

by Article by Dan Moyle Dan Moyle | January 23, 2024 at 7:15 AM

In the latest episode of "LearnUp with Impulse Creative," co-hosts Dan and Josh dive into HubSpot updates in domain settings with CDN functionality, new Support UX, imports, and adding guests to scheduled meetings.


Welcome back to another exciting episode of LearnUp with Impulse Creative! In this edition, our hosts Josh and Dan dive into recent HubSpot updates, uncovering valuable insights and tools that can enhance your marketing experience. 

The Quest for Knowledge

Dan and Josh kick off the episode by expressing their excitement for teaching and learning after the holiday break. They acknowledge the constant updates from content creators like Kyle Jepsen, emphasizing the significance of staying informed about HubSpot's ever-evolving features.

Navigating HubSpot Updates

Learn how the hosts organically discover and discuss HubSpot updates. The emphasis is on teaching listeners not just about the updates themselves but how they can impact users and businesses.

Update 1: Streamlining Meetings with HubSpot

Explore the first HubSpot update discussed in the podcast - the enhancement in meetings functionality. Learn how clients can now be seamlessly added to meetings during scheduling, saving time and improving team communication. The hosts share their experiences and insights into making the most of this feature.

Update 2: Support User Experience Unveiled

Delve into the hosts' discussion about changes in HubSpot's support user experience. Discover their dissatisfaction with the new chat-based support system and how it lacks the intuitive navigation and personalization that users enjoyed in the past.

Update 3: Boosting SEO with CDN Domain Connection

Unlock the potential of a new tool introduced in HubSpot - CDN domain connection. Understand how this tool can significantly improve your website's SEO, speed, and resistance to crashes. Walk through the steps of connecting a CDN domain and explore the benefits it brings to your online presence.

Update 4: Simplifying Data Import with Additional Emails

Learn about the latest functionality that simplifies the data import process in HubSpot. Discover how users can now import additional emails along with contacts, making it easier to manage spreadsheets containing multiple email addresses. The hosts share their excitement about this simple yet impactful feature.

Conclusion: Looking Ahead

As the hosts share their excitement about discovering new updates, they also provide a glimpse into the upcoming year. They encourage listeners to engage, share their experiences, and become an active part of the HubSpot community.


In conclusion, this LearnUp podcast episode offers a comprehensive overview of recent HubSpot updates. From improved meeting functionalities to changes in support user experience, the hosts cover it all. Stay tuned for more insights and updates as they continue on their journey of sharing valuable information with the HubSpot community. If you're a marketer or business professional using HubSpot, this podcast is a must-listen for staying ahead in the game.