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LearnUp Podcast Episode 3 - HubSpot's Seat Pricing

by Article by Dan Moyle Dan Moyle | February 8, 2024 at 3:24 PM

In the latest episode of the LearnUp podcast, hosts Josh and Dan dive into the new developments in HubSpot's new seat pricing and functionality, particularly its expansion to other hubs and various price points. Your hosts, everyday HubSpot users and trainers, share their initial concerns and explore the implications for users, especially those in small to medium businesses. Then they also help us see the pros and cons of the new HubSpot seat pricing model.

Understanding the Seat Functionality:

Josh introduces the main topic of the episode โ€“ the upcoming changes to HubSpot's seat pricing and functionality. He emphasizes that these changes will affect hubs such as Marketing Hub, CMS Hub, Operations Hub, and the CRM itself. The new system, referred to as "smart CRM," introduces view-only seats and core seats, each serving specific purposes within the HubSpot ecosystem.

The Concerns and Emotional Connection:

Dan, a long-time HubSpot user and advocate, reflects on his initial concerns when hearing about the seat functionality changes. He expresses worry about smaller businesses potentially getting disadvantaged and the platform becoming more like Salesforce. However, he acknowledges HubSpot's history of customer-centric decisions and remains open to the evolution of the platform.

Breaking Down the Changes:

The hosts discuss the specific changes, including the introduction of view-only seats for observation without editing capabilities and core seats for access to various hubs and functionalities. The removal of minimum seat requirements for sales and service hubs is highlighted, offering more flexibility for businesses with smaller teams.

Use Cases and Benefits:

Josh delves into potential use cases, using their own product, HubLMS, as an example. He explains how having access to operations hub at a discounted price can benefit small businesses using custom objects like training plans. The hosts highlight the value of adapting to these changes and finding ways to leverage them for more efficient operations.

Addressing Concerns and Questions:

Dan raises important questions about the flexibility of moving between view-only and core seats, highlighting the importance of understanding the dynamics of these new functionalities. The hosts encourage listeners to reach out with their questions, emphasizing that they aim to provide answers and support during this transitional period.

Industry Perspectives:

The hosts reference LinkedIn insights from Connor Jeffers from Aptitude8 and hapily, who breaks down the changes into actionable numbers. While acknowledging potential cost adjustments for some marketing teams, Dan expresses his preference for HubSpot's sustainability and growth over financial concerns.

Rounding out the discussion, Josh and Dan reassure listeners that change is inevitable and that, with time, users will adapt to the new seat functionality. They emphasize the importance of managing expectations, navigating emotions, and staying updated with HubSpot's resources and training. The episode closes with a call to check out their podcast and engage with them for further discussions on the evolving landscape of HubSpot.