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LearnUp Podcast Episode 4 - Custom Object Pipelines, New Navigation

by Article by Dan Moyle Dan Moyle | March 5, 2024 at 7:45 AM

In the latest episode of the "Learn Up with Impulse Creative" podcast, hosts Dan and Josh dive into the recent updates in HubSpot, covering topics ranging from pipeline views for custom objects to changes in dashboard filters and the introduction of a new navigation system. Join your trainer hosts to hear their insights into these updates and the potential impact on users like you.

Custom Objects Pipeline View

First the hosts kick off the discussion with the revelation of a pipeline view for custom objects in HubSpot. They express excitement over this addition, highlighting its value in visualizing stages and workflows within custom objects. The ability to track the progress of various projects, clients, or education-based processes is seen as a significant enhancement, bringing clarity to the management of custom objects.

Dashboard Filters Evolution

The conversation then shifts to updates in dashboard filters. Josh and Dan discuss a recent change that frustrated users initially but ultimately brought about positive developments. While exploring the dashboard filters, the addition of dynamic quick filters is highlighted as a valuable improvement, allowing users to have more flexibility and customization in managing their dashboards. The hosts acknowledge the ongoing evolution of dashboard features, emphasizing the importance of adapting to changes for a more seamless user experience.

New Navigation 

Finally Josh and Dan get into the new navigation available in HubSpot (in beat). Josh shares that he was initially reluctant to embrace the change ("get off my lawn!"), comparing it to the reaction people had when the workflow tool was updated. However, as they explore the new navigation system, Josh and Dan both express appreciation for its improved organization and categorization. They particularly note the enhanced intuitiveness in sections like CRM, marketing, web content, automations, and reporting.

The guys acknowledge that while the new navigation system is generally well-received, there may be a need for further clarification on certain elements, such as the integration of commerce hub into the CRM section. They encourage users to provide feedback and suggestions to help refine the system for a more user-friendly experience.

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