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LearnUp Podcast Episode 7 - Navigation Bookmarks and Sensitive Data

by Article by Dan Moyle Dan Moyle | June 11, 2024 at 7:30 AM

We Can Bookmark Tools!

Welcome back to the LearnUp Podcast, HubSpot enthusiasts! In today’s episode, Josh and Dan dive into some exciting updates from HubSpot that will significantly enhance your experience and functionality. We have two major updates to discuss: the new bookmarks feature in navigation and the introduction of sensitive data management, including HIPAA compliance. 

Streamline Your Navigation with HubSpot Bookmarks

Navigating through HubSpot just got a whole lot easier with the new bookmarks feature. For anyone who’s ever struggled to find frequently used tools or custom objects, this is a game-changer. Here’s why you should be excited:

What Are Bookmarks?

HubSpot has revamped its navigation, and while the new layout is more intuitive, it can still be tricky to locate specific items quickly. The bookmarks feature allows you to save shortcuts to your most-used tools and custom objects, making them accessible with a single click.

How to Use Bookmarks
  1. Identify Frequently Used Tools: Think about the tools you access most often. This could be the meeting scheduler, email platform, or specific custom objects like services.
  2. Save Your Bookmarks: Navigate to the tool you want to bookmark and save it. HubSpot currently allows up to five bookmarks, so choose wisely.
  3. Access Your Bookmarks Easily: Once saved, your bookmarks will appear at the top of your navigation bar, saving you time and reducing frustration.

While five bookmarks might seem limited, it’s a step towards a more personalized and efficient HubSpot experience. Users have suggested expanding this feature to include folders or more bookmarks, and we hope HubSpot takes these ideas into account for future updates.

Enhanced Data Security: Sensitive Data and HIPAA Compliance

In April, HubSpot announced the beta release of sensitive data management features. As of now, these features are generally available for all HubSpot Enterprise customers. This update marks a significant milestone in data security and compliance, especially for industries dealing with sensitive information.

What is Sensitive Data?

Sensitive data includes information that requires additional protection due to its nature. Here are some examples:

  • Limited government-issued ID numbers (passport, driver’s license)
  • Last four digits of financial account numbers
  • Payment history, income data, gender identity
  • Health information protected under HIPAA (medical records, health insurance information, lab results)

HIPAA Compliance

HubSpot has introduced a public beta for HIPAA compliance, which is crucial for healthcare-related businesses. This update allows users to store and manage health-related information within HubSpot, ensuring that the data is protected in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

How to Enable Sensitive Data Features

  1. Navigate to Privacy and Consent Settings: In your HubSpot account, go to the settings area and look for privacy and consent options.
  2. Enable Sensitive Data Features: Toggle on the features related to sensitive data management.
  3. Customize Your Data Management: Use these features to handle sensitive information securely and in compliance with relevant laws.

Why This Matters

The ability to manage sensitive data securely within HubSpot not only enhances data protection but also opens doors for businesses in healthcare and other regulated industries to fully utilize HubSpot’s powerful CRM capabilities.

This update aligns HubSpot with other major CRM platforms like Salesforce, which have long offered similar features.

Final Thoughts

HubSpot’s latest updates are paving the way for a more secure, efficient, and user-friendly experience. Whether you’re excited about the simplicity of bookmarks or the robust capabilities of sensitive data management, there’s something in this update for everyone.

For those eager to stay ahead in the HubSpot world, make sure to explore these features and integrate them into your daily workflows. As always, keep an eye out for future updates, and don’t hesitate to provide feedback to HubSpot to help shape the tools you rely on.

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