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Signs Your Website is Doing its Job or Needs Fine-Tuning

by Article by Rachel Begg Rachel Begg | December 26, 2013 at 2:29 PM

Signs Your Website is Doing its Job or Needs Fine-TuningIs Your Website Naughty or Nice?

Even if you’ve been a good business owner this year, your website could still get a lump of coal for being naughty. There are a few indicators that can tell you whether you’re generating website results or missing out on huge opportunities.

Signs your website is doing its job

1. Multiple referring pages direct traffic to your website.

When you analyze your web metrics to find that there are several pages that are driving visitors to your site, you know that you have attained a suitable level of online visibility. This figure represents the variety of ways that searchers are finding your website, and where they’re coming from before heading to your page. It’s important to understand this behavior, as it can help you modify your marketing efforts to capture more of this traffic.

2. Your website has a low bounce rate.

This term refers to the number of visitors who check out your page for less than 10 seconds before leaving or returning to the referring site. A low bounce rate means that users are sticking around to browse through your products, services and other content. The longer they stay, the more likely you are to convert a sale for your company. 

3. Your unique visitor traffic is high.

If you have numerous browsers that are visiting your site for the first time, this is an indication of site popularity. Usually, unique visitors are measured on a daily basis, so you might see repetition of visits from the same user. However, much like bounce rate, they’re more likely to buy if they’re stopping by often.

Signs your website needs fine-tuning

1. You don’t show up on the first page of a Google or YouTube search.

You’re probably aware from conducting searches yourself that most users won’t click through to page two when browsing for products or information. If you’re not appearing at the top of the list, potential customers won’t find you. A combination of proper keyword usage and content posting can help you gain a few spots and make it to the top of the results.

2. There’s no form for visitors to provide their email address.

You need to communicate with your potential customers in order to drive sales, and there’s no easier way than by having them input the information themselves. Not only can you respond to information requests, but you can also send out email and other correspondence automatically.

3. Your content doesn’t provide value.

Generating website results means capturing the attention of visitors. Therefore, you need to include content that's entertaining, educational, or relevant. Once you've earned their attention through this valuable content, you're likely to transform leads to customers and drive sales.

Smart business owners know that constant monitoring of website metrics can help them analyze the behavior of visitors to their site and convert interest into sales. If you’re not generating website results, you’re failing to properly take advantage of online capabilities, social media and other tools to drive traffic and earn profits.

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