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Uber Eats Has Arrived in Fort Myers, North Ft Myers & Cape Coral

by Article by Audrey DeMartinis Audrey DeMartinis | November 16, 2017 at 1:47 PM



Uber Eats is Here!

All things considered, Uber’s new, local 24-hour food delivery service leaves a good taste our mouths. Back in December of 2014, Uber Eats took to the roads of southwest Florida. Today, it's finally targeting the stomachs of Fort Myers, North Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

What makes this service different from the Bite Squad delivery service? First off, many of Bite Squad’s listed restaurants have a limited menu with higher prices. Pricing with Grub Cab, most recently known as Bite Squad, is on a distance scale. Meaning, the further away the restaurant is to your delivery location, the more expensive your dish becomes. You’ll also have no idea where your favorite Olive Garden entree is as it’s being delivered. So sometimes, by the time you get your chicken alfredo, salad and breadsticks, your noodles are cold, your breadsticks are hard and you have no dressing for your salad. And the price you paid is almost double what you would in the restaurant.

So what’s a diner supposed to do? Pick up their own to-go order like it’s 1992 again? No one wants to put on pants, brush their hair and pack the kids into the car just to drive through traffic to a busy restaurant and loiter in the corner of their lobby while they wait for their food. I don’t think so.

Fun fact: Pizza delivery was actually invented to save us from that awful experience.

Welcome to a Better Way

Uber Eats offers delivery for a flat rate of $4.99, with every meal costing the same as it would if you were dining in the restaurant. And this car-sharing giant is employing our neighbors, including those with smaller two-doored vehicles, motorcycles and even bikes. Existing Uber drivers can also be Uber Eats drivers, generating more money for the driver on the same platform. Supplying more jobs in our community is always exciting, but the low cost of this service is what really makes me hungry for more.

Order Up

This meal service is connected to the Uber app, so it’s already setup with your home and work locations, as well as your credit card information. It automatically lists all of the restaurants near your delivery location and when they open. It also lists faster delivery options for 25 minutes-or-less options, if you need lunch in a rush.

Once you order, you’ll receive an estimated delivery time and just like Uber cars, you can see your food’s journey as it gets closer to your mouth. You can even pre-order ahead of time by selecting the time you would like your order delivered. Just follow the easy prompts and Uber takes care of everything!

So What’s Cookin’?

Uber currently has around 80 restaurants in our area including Blu Sushi, Tropical Smoothie, Mcdonald's, Mel’s diner, India's Grill, Lee Roy Selmons, Zaxbys, Pita Pit, KJ’s Steakhouse, Nathan's Famous, El Patio, Firehouse subs, Rosati's Pizza, Duffy's Sports Grille, Catch 22, Living Vine Organic Cafe, The Standard, Ford's Garage and more. Want to get your restaurant on the list? Partner with Uber Eats here https://about.ubereats.com/en/restaurants.

The next time your meeting runs late and lunch doesn't look like an option, or you’ve had a long day and pants are just too much effort, try Uber Eats for a more affordable food delivery service.


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