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What is HubSpot?

by Article by Dan Moyle Dan Moyle | May 24, 2019 at 7:43 AM

When we wear a HubSpot shirt or hat, or carry a piece of HubSpot swag, people ask about it. They love the sprocket. In fact a real conversation starter is the rock/paper/scissors/sprocket shirt. 

People also ask about it when we're interacting in other arenas. Whether we're talking about website hosting, CRM, marketing automation, landing pages, service strategy after the purchase ... HubSpot is a name that comes up often. 

So George B. Thomas decided to not only explain what HubSpot is, but also offer examples of how it works. 

What is HubSpot and Why is it Important?

In this Sprocket Talk "What s" video, we answer the question, what is HubSpot and why is it important for your company.

We cover this from a marketing, sales, service, CMS, and CRM perspective.

I also share six ways you could use HubSpot at your company starting today.

So today's topic is HubSpot.

What is it?

To be honest, it's not as simple of an answer as it once was.

At its core, HubSpot is a software that helps businesses communicate with their leads, customers, and even their evangelists.

It’s a suite of tools for marketing, sales, and service.

what is HubSpot - platform 2019

You can do everything from:

  • host your website on HubSpot
  • create content for marketing
  • managing your sales pipeline
  • Create service knowledge articles
  • and so much more.

No, really, I have not even begun to scratch the surface of what your company can do with the HubSpot marketing, sales, and service Hubs.

While we’re all used to hearing about Silicon Valley as the tech center of the world, HubSpot actually helped launch another tech hotspot in Boston.

Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah - Co-Founders of HubSpotThe founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah met at MIT and launched a better way to do marketing - the marketing strategy launched a trifecta, of the Buyers Journey, Buyer personas, and the Inbound Methodology - which has evolved into inbound sales and service philosophies.

So whether you’re hosting a blog, you’re developing a lead flow with calls to action and forms, you’re managing an email marketing campaign or you’re strategically managing a sales pipeline with the CRM, HubSpot can help.

And it’s all in one suite of tools.

Now I want to throw something out there - HubSpot is not the only software that can do what they do.

The marketing technology landscape, or MarTech space, is full of solutions.

Some of the big players include Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Act-On, WordPress and more.

Why is HubSpot important for your company?

Marketing automation software that connects to your CRM and service hub is critical to your business because in this information age and digital world, managing your online communications efficiently and effectively could mean the difference between celebrating growth and laying off employees.

That’s not hyperbole. That’s fact in the modern business world.

We’re talking about HubSpot today, in part because we’re a HubSpot Platinum Partner.

We love working with HubSpot and we’re a team full of HubSpot certified experts in the platform.

But here’s the thing - whether it’s HubSpot or some MarTech growth stack you’ve built yourself, marketing automation, sales pipeline management and a service hub is vital to building a business in the 21st century.

How can you use HubSpot for your company?

That's right, you stuck around and now, we dive into the good stuff!

Here are Six Ways HubSpot Can Help Your Company Grow

1. With HubSpot, you have the right conversations with the right people at the right time.

From HubSpot conversations to smart forms to using workflows and lists to segment your audience, HubSpot helps you become a rockstar marketer.

Even when you’re not in marketing!

2. Educate your prospects, leads, and customers through their entire Buyers Journey.

This is marketing 101 folks.

With HubSpot you can guide your audience through the journey with all the right tools.

Blogging, website content, social media, video, paid advertising… it’s all available using this one tool.

In this case, HubSpot.

And if you’re already using specific productivity tools like online meetings or calendar software, HubSpot connects to a ton of tools.

All of this comes back to educating your prospects, leads and customers well.

3. Enable sales teams to work faster & smarter with lead intelligence & up to date tools.

HubSpot has a strong analytics and reporting tool.

There’s no shortage of ways to slice and dice your data.

Empower your sales team to better understand what’s going on with their prospects so they can work efficiently.

Imagine having your sales team know which pages a prospect had looked at recently - like the pricing page or a specific product or service.

They’ll go into sales conversations much more confident and close faster.

Plus a buyer who feels understood and cared for becomes an ambassador for your brand!

4. Build a website that knows your visitors as a name not a Number.

By using HubSpot’s tools like Conversations and Forms, you can gather all the information you need on your website visitors as they take the journey to become a lead and then prospect.

Then you can put your data to work with smart content so your website feels more like a Netflix or Amazon experience.

Whether it’s demographic information like location, company name, their name or industry they’re in - if you’re B-2-B - you can make the user experience feel personal and welcoming with relevance!

5. Make smart data driven decisions vs opinions.

With tools like A-B testing on calls to action, emails, landing pages and more you get to test, test, TEST!

That’s exciting for marketers who want to get real results, not just “spray and pray.”

The HubSpot reporting tool also helps in this arena, giving you a ton of information at your fingertips.

Has someone told you that see-through buttons are amazing on websites? You can test it!

Maybe that’s not the case for your brand - maybe the data shows you that flat design, colored calls to action drive more clicks and completions that the ghost buttons.

Or maybe not.

Either way, you have the data to make the decision, not just rely on someone’s opinion.

6. Provide stellar customer experience past the purchase.

Finally, the service hub tool in HubSpot has all the tools you need to delight customers at scale.

You’ll give them an extraordinary and efficient experience with your company, help them help themselves, and build a base of happy customers who advocate for your business.

Conversations, service tickets, a knowledge base, team email and more can help create a frictionless customer experience after the sale.

Now that you know what HubSpot is and why HubSpot is important, make sure you are implementing it for your company’s success.

Don't have HubSpot yet? Make sure you reach out and let us give you a sales free demo of the tool specific to your company's pain points.

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