Why Citation Building Still Matters for Local SEO

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SEOWebinar-BlogCTA-OnDemand01@2xCome join us in this on-demand video training webinar to learn why citation building still matter for local SEO, and how it affects your business.

We want to help your business take advantage of local SEO and drive real results, including actual revenue, with real-world tactics.

Impulse Creative Content Marketer and SEO Queen Jenn Villa shares how citations still impact local SEO, why you should care, and how to tackle the beast.

In this webinar, we're bringing you tons of value in a short amount of time with no sales pitch - just good stuff!

Who's On This Webinar?


Jenn Villa

Content Marketer, Impulse Creative

With years of experience in strategical SEO, Jenn boasts the ability to craft high ranking content for your website. She works remotely from the quaint city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania with her two chubby kitty cats.

An active follower of search algorithms changes, Jenn knows what Google and other search engines like. Plus, her dual degrees in Theatre Arts and Broadcast Communications make her a dynamite “performer,” delivering energetic content to entertain her audiences.

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danDan Moyle

Webinar Host, Impulse Creative

Dan is Impulse Creative's Growth Marketer. He's also co-host of the Wayfinding Growth podcast, host of The Storytellers Network podcast, and all around jabber-jaw. But he means well.

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