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Effective Branding Makes Your Customers Remember Like Elephants

by Article by Rachel Begg Rachel Begg | November 12, 2013 at 3:14 PM

Screen_Shot_2013-11-12_at_2.43.30_PMEveryone knows that an elephant never forgets. They have a memory like a steel trap! After an elephant develops a relationship they are bonded for life. Same goes for a company and it’s logo! After a commitment has been made there is no going back. A successful logo design for a company is the foundation for its branding and should symbolize everything that makes a business special.

Elephants understand the importance of family based on relationships. When you choose a product based on trust and recognition, you are acting on your memory to stay loyal to your relationship. A company’s logo helps to build that relationship, and acts as a link between consumer and company. Let me prove it to you; what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Coca-Cola? Red! When you see an iPhone? Apple! When you spot someone wearing a pair of Nike shoes? Swoosh! When you can visually remember a company’s identity that means that the company has built familiarity and trust with you because they have established a relationship.

What makes a logo remarkable is the uniqueness. You want a design that is going to blow your competition right out of the water. If all the residential painting companies in your town use a paintbrush in their logo, there’s no way you will remember one company from the rest. Why would you? There’s nothing that makes you think that one company is better than the next because they all look the same. It’s very important for your company’s logo to stand out from the crowd so the consumer will notice you.

Once you have that logo settled it’s time to take it to the next level, branding! Whatever color choices you make for your logo is going to be your colors for life, so choose wisely! Think about a local high school and what colors they wear for their sports uniform. If a school’s colors are blue and white you will never see them wearing red! Why? Because red is the color of the rival school down the road! That local high school is going to be decked out in blue and white at all times because they are proud of who they are and want to show it off, also so you will remember them! Therefore in the future you will immediately think of that school whenever you see blue and white being used together. The same needs to be in your branding for your company! Don’t ever stray away from your logo colors because you want everyone to remember you just like they do for that local high school. It’s also very important to repeat the verbiage of what you have decided your company motto is. Use it consistently and your consumer will catch on and remember who you are.

Currently this is the year 2013 and there are giant amount of logos out there. But many companies adjust their logo design to changing design tastes. Check it out, most of them have changed their logo from the time they opened their doors. Starbucks, for example, has re-designed their logo many times. Starbucks has gone from a detailed mermaid and the words “Starbucks Coffee” printed green in their logo to a green simplified mermaid’s face. A re-design is a very useful tool and sometimes necessary to excite your consumers. However it’s only okay to re-design your logo once your company has become established. Stay current, fresh and unique to keep your relationships strong.

Watch this video to take the logo quiz! Try to come up with the name of the company before looking at the answer.

Did you find the video really easy? That’s the point! Those companies have turned you into mini elephants by creating an impression on your memory!

All of this proves the importance of having a well designed, and thoughtful logo for you company. Take the time to research and design your logo. Ask questions or ask the professionals for help! Think about it, sleep on it and don’t rush it. The success of your company depends on it.


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Photo Credit: John Lund