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How We HubSpot: Inbox in HubSpot as a Customer Service Channel

by Article by Dan Moyle Dan Moyle | June 30, 2021 at 3:04 PM

Customer service. Customer support. Customer success. Whatever you call it, how you interact with the people who buy into your business is important. 

It’s less expensive to keep a customer than to find new ones. 

And let’s face it: People need attention. 

So the question is: How do you help your customers once they’re in your world?

First, an acknowledgement. In our modern, connected and fast-paced world, customers have become pretty self-sufficient. In fact, according to Harvard Business Review, customers want to self-serve when they have questions.

This is why when we think about HubSpot, we think about building a customer service communication channel. 

You see, HubSpot isn’t just a marketing tool. It’s a business tool to help you grow smarter and communicate better, delighting your customers along the way.

How We HubSpot: Inbox in HubSpot as a Customer Service Channel

HubSpot Conversations/Inbox

HubSpot has a tool to help your teams communicate with your prospects and customers as a team: Shared inbox. 

With a central conversations inbox, any one of your teams can streamline communication with your customers. And when it’s your service team… boom!

Your customer service team, or customer support, will be available to help your customers with efficiency and all the information they need. Maybe your team already shares an email. Great. But when you add the HubSpot layer onto that to bring them even more data (and power), you create a powerful communication tool to delight your customers.

When your customer service inbox is connected to your CRM, your support team can see all of the interactions your customers have with your brand— including how they prefer to communicate, what products or services they've purchased and more. That’s real power when your communications are connected to HubSpot's CRM platform!

Plus you can connect all the different channels to your customer service team inbox so you can view, reply and manage all ongoing conversations in one place.

Learn how to create a HubSpot inbox for your customer service team so they can efficiently delight your customers!

When your service team has a central inbox that connects to your CRM data, they’ll be empowered to understand who they’re speaking with, what that journey has looked like and how your business can better serve them. 

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