What Will Social Media Marketing Look Like in 2020?

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SocialMedia2020-BlogCTA-OnDemand-03-1Social media marketing have you overwhelmed and wishing you'd never joined Facebook? Wondering what's coming down the pike in 2020?

The fact is, social media is here to stay. It’s also increasingly difficult to reach your intended audience.

From changes in Twitter like no more political ads to Instagram stories to Tik Tok videos, the social media landscape is constantly evolving.

Join Impulse Creative Inbound Marketer Courtney Allbee and host Dan Moyle as they explore what social media marketing will look like in 2020.

Courtney works with clients everyday on social media content, social ads and more. She’s ready to bring her real-world experience with brands just like yours, plus leading-edge knowledge to you to help you prepare for growth in the coming year.

Monday November 25, 2019 at 2:00pm EST (11:00am PST).

What this webinar will teach you:

  • Social media platforms poised for growth in 2020
  • Up and coming social media platforms
  • How to measure success in social media marketing
  • And more!
Who this webinar is for:
  • Marketing professionals with some experience developing social media strategies
  • Entrepreneurs who want to know how to put social media to work for their brands
  • Marketing teams (and marketing teams of one) looking for educational content to help them grow in 2020

Who's On This Webinar?

courtney-2018Courtney Allbee

Inbound Marketer, Impulse Creative

Inbound master, resident rap artist and burrito connoisseur, Courtney loves kicking ass for her clients. Here at Impulse Creative, she loves learning something new everyday, petting office dogs, playing darts, wine, free snacks and boy band Thursdays.

As a super creative cog in our awesome machine, Fort Lauderdale native and Stetson University grad, Courtney lives for making art, the beach and Mexican food. Her breakfast taco selfies have been featured on Taco Bell’s social media, which has NOT earned her free food (yet).

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danDan Moyle

Webinar Host, Impulse Creative

Dan is Impulse Creative's Growth Marketer. He's also co-host of the Wayfinding Growth podcast, host of The Storytellers Network podcast, and all around jabber-jaw. But he means well.

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