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Top 9 Marketing Predictions for 2014

by Article by Rachel Begg Rachel Begg | January 6, 2014 at 10:39 AM

Top 9 Marketing Predictions for 2014January 1 has come and gone, and many companies are looking to set sales goals and develop advertising campaigns that will carry them to success in the New Year. Smart business owners are looking at the Top 9 marketing predictions for 2014 to stay current and attract the attention of internet-savvy consumers.

1. The World is Going Mobile

Having a website is essential, but the Top 9 marketing predictions for 2014 show that more people will be accessing the Internet via mobile devices. This means re-tooling websites to optimize viewing of websites on smaller screens and the ability to load content faster.

2. The Necessity of Monitoring Metrics

Businesses will increase focus on tracking all activities on their website, including user behavior, referring pages, and buying trends for customers making online purchases.

3. The QR Code Goes Global

While QR codes have mostly been used to provide information on a product, companies have not been successful with turning the scans into sales. Businesses will fine tune QR technology to convert leads into customers.

4. Inbound Marketing as a Primary Focus

Companies are recognizing that earning the attention of consumers is a better way to increase sales than paid-for advertising. Inbound marketing will grow to become the primary component in advertising and budgets will be shifted accordingly.

5. Reputation Management Becomes a Full Time Job

With millions getting unverified information from online sites, blogs and social media, the reputation of companies can take a hit. More resources will be dedicated to monitoring status, and repairing where necessary, to ensure that potential customers aren’t turned away.

6. TV on the Internet

More television programming is becoming available on the Internet, with some service providers airing online-only series. Companies will respond in 2014 by investing marketing dollars that capture the audiences tuning in for each episode.

7. Video Press Releases

Press releases have always been successful marketing tools when done properly. Video content can be even more successful due to their visibility on the world's second largest search engine: YouTube. Video Content is one of the most popular and powerful content and communication types on the internet. In fact, at least 86 percent of the US Internet audience is watching online video--that's 183 million people.

8. Companies Will Create Media Departments

Video is key among the top 10 marketing predictions for 2014, as the content is more likely to place on Page One for Google searchers. Businesses will need to create videos that impress, attract and drive consumers to websites.

9. Marketing Means Content

Potential customers are more likely to buy when businesses earn their trust. Creating content that provides them upfront value will convert interest into sales. High quality content can generate large amounts of traffic, leads, and sales. 

Online marketing is a dynamic concept, where trends are constantly changing to reflect consumer behavior. Armed with the top 9 marketing predictions for 2014, businesses can get an edge over their competitors by adjusting their campaigns and remaining flexible.

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