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Getting Started with Adobe Premiere Rush

by Article by Remington Begg Remington Begg | December 10, 2018 at 9:50 AM

Does editing intimidate you?!

I get it.

I’ve been doing it for years and I still can’t open after effects without first curling up in a fetal position and crying for 20 mins.

It can be overwhelming, even more so to newcomers.

But I have good news, Adobe has a more user friendly version of premiere called Premiere Rush.

Premiere Rush immediately reminded me of the iMovie for apple.

iMovie is a simple drag and drop type editing software with basic effects. It was where i taught myself to edit so I’m confident that Premiere rush will achieve the same results.

So before you jump on Adobe Premiere Rush.

Jump on into iMovie to experiment.

Let's Get Started with Adobe Premiere Rush

The interface is pretty straightforward, when you hover your mouse over something it will show you what it does. Like the cut tool, to cut up your video, duplicate to make a copy of a video, titles, transitions, color, audio, and crop. We will go over each.


Alright step one, first lets import a video, click on the blue plus to the top left, this will give you the option to import a media file. This Jen, she will help with this shindig.

So here is the video on the timeline. Still with me ? Great!


On the timeline is where you can manipulate the video, you can use the trim tool to cut up the clip. Taking parts out you don't want. Or you can go to any end of the clip and get this icon, you hold and drag to trim the video this way too! I have my clip trimmed to the way i want. Lets check out first on the list, title.


Adding a title is pretty easy, just go to the top right and click titles, Premiere Rush comes with a bunch of cool font options to choose from. Click on one and it will be added to your timeline, once you find a good spot for your text just simply click and type. you can move it anywhere you want if you want the title to appear at a certain time, or extend it to have it for the whole video. The title comes with editing options. You can change the size, color and what have you.


Up next is transition, to use this we will need a second clip. click on this box and it will show you all the clips you have to work with. I’m going to click on the video and hit add. Let's add that transition effect between the two videos. When you click on the transition button a list of presets come up, cross dissolve which gives it a nice fade into the next clip. Then dip to black which is good for ending videos in my opinion or dip to white.

I’m going to use cross dissolve. Grab and drop between the two videos and expand your timeline so you can see better. Hit the plus and minus keys on your keyboard, it will save you from straining your eyes.


Next up, color, Rush has preset ones to choose one. I like this one, if you want to tweak the setting just click over to the edit and here you can play with sliders to get the look you desire.


Here we have the audio button where you can lower and raise the audio in your video.


Last we have the crop option, Jenn has a tad too much headspace, so i can mess with the sliders until I achieve the look I like.

That's basically all there is to Premiere Rush, it's meant to be a quick and easy experience for beginners looking to learn and veterans to get something out with the quickness.

Once you’re happy with all you have click the share button, you can export it locally to your computer to upload it straight to your favorite social media platform.

It doesn’t get anymore simpler than this folks. Now go out there and get creative!

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