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Create an Experience for Your Customers

The Method Behind Our Marketing

Don't think of inbound marketing as a service we offer. It’s not a service at all really. It’s not even a new idea.
It’s a way of thinking: about SEO, social media and blogging to targeting the right messages to the right people, at the right time.

This allows us to view marketing a little differently than traditional marketing agencies: by creating a customer-centric experience, not a product-centric one. Traditional marketing just doesn’t work like it used to (Inc. Magazine). 

The inbound methodology allows us to focus on reaching your buyers with the message they want to hear, in the context of where they are in the buying process. It’s the method to our marketing and the smart strategy behind everything we do for you.


Create an Experience for Your Customers

Today's digital marketing all centers around your buyers.

Every time a customer makes a purchase, it’s because they’ve reached the end of a journey to solve a problem.

Be the destination for your customers.


Awareness Stage

That Journey Begins with Awareness

People rarely search for a product. They search for a solution to a problem they're aware of. You can’t sell to them yet, they’re not shopping. Instead, give them knowledge.

Consideration Stage

Next, Solve Their Problem

Next, buyers consider ways to solve their problem based on what they’ve learned. Give them details to make an educated decision, but don’t rush them.

Decision Stage

Finally, a Decision is Made

In decision mode, they’re ready to buy. They’ve got to know you can help them, and you have to make it very easy for them to pull the trigger.


Different Strategies for Different Buyers

Within the inbound methodology, you'll find different marketing strategies for every part of the buyer’s journey.

Once we understand where your buyers need support, our award-winning team can hyper-target the problem with original content, fresh design and tactical marketing techniques to earn the attention (and trust) of modern consumers.

With Impulse Creative, you have a team of expert strategists who are true thinkers and strategists. They go far beyond the canned agency playbooks you may encounter with other agencies.


Our Marketing Process

Our agile process includes: analyzing, strategy, creating, building & deployment and re-analyzing so we can iterate. That’s how we learn what works best for you and scale your marketing.



Analyzing & Strategizing

Our marketing team begins by understanding the pain points of your business and your customers, so we know where the right kind of marketing can bridge the gap.

Maybe it’s creating blogs and managing your social media, maybe it’s not. Our plan for your business is completely customized to generate the best results and reach your company’s goals. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach because those don't create data-driven marketing and sales funnels. We do.


Creation & Building

With a clear direction, you’ll work closely with a dedicated project manager and a team comprised entirely of experts in their fields. They’ll create and launch your original content, design, development, social media campaigns and advertising by working closely with your team through the whole process.

Weekly meetings, constant updates and clear communication will keep you confident about every part of our approach as we move closer to your goals.


Deployment, Analyzing & Iterating

Your marketing isn’t a product, it’s a journey. The marketing world changes everyday, so we don’t just finish a project and wish you luck. Our work isn’t done until you’ve reached your measurable goals.

Those results require a vigilant and trained eye on your marketing data, every day. Our marketing professionals use real-time data to gauge the success of your campaigns daily and make adjustments as needed.

This constant cycle of strategy, deployment and analyzing results becomes a compass, guiding the direction of your every marketing move.

We're So Ready!

Let's create better marketing, together.

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We'll start with a conversation about the future of your company, the direction of your initiatives, and what makes you tick during our consult. We want to understand who your best customers are and how we can act as an extension of your team to deliver incredible value.

Say hello to the extension of your team. 


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