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Business Analytics Engineered for Growth

Leverage Databox and Measure the Right Metrics for Growth

In today's technology-driven world, we can measure almost anything. Deciding what to measure is critical.

Databox is a business analytics KPI dashboard tool. It gathers all your metrics from multiple platforms, placing them in one place. A central dashboard helps you deliver the crucial KPIs across multiple devices.

Because Databox dashboards are highly customizable and allow custom titles, colors, branding and many other variations, we help you hone in on what works for you. Impulse Creative helps brands like yours align, analyze, and adjust their efforts for optimal business growth.

We'll help you leverage this great tool to measure the right metrics to help you grow.

We’ve Only Just Begun

Implementing a winning marketing strategy, one that focuses on metrics that matter, takes time. When you want to drive real revenue growth and measure true ROI, you have to know where to start.

Databox dashboards are highly customizable, giving you a plethora of paths to take. We're here to take this journey with you, helping you to align, analyze, and adjust your efforts for optimal business growth.

With Databox's business analytics dashboards and Impulse Creative's guidance, your team is sure to take the mantle of data-driven marketing and run with it.

Let's Get Started


Here’s the catch: it’s not exactly easy.

Powerful tools can change your world. They can also cause paralysis by analysis. What if you had your own personal coach to help you focus on the right metrics for your business, and leverage the tool that helps you drive strategic growth? That's the idea with Impulse Creative's Databox Support Services.

You want to make data-driven marketing decisions. Let us help you dig into the world of Databox.


Our Process

We’ll welcome you aboard with a discovery meeting where we get to know more about your business and your metrics. Then, we go a little deeper by interviewing your marketing and sales leadership to get a clear picture of what drives business growth.

We’ll use that insight to create a custom Databox dashboards that shows you at a glance how your business is doing at any given time. Our team works with a variety of clients and verticals, so we bring knowledge, insights, & an outside perspective to guide this process.

Our expert analysts and strategists will guide your team to find metrics that matter, find ways to visualize your business momentum, while teaching data-driven strategies along the way. 

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