Office Expansion, & Whiteboard Walls, Oh My!

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We have been very busy people lately. We’ve moved to a much larger building, added three employees, and interviewing for a few more! 

New Office

Remington and Rachel took on a huge task of preparing the new office and even moved all of the computers over! During the evenings they assembled all of the Ikea furniture, moved all of the computers over, had the walls painted an array of colors, and BAM we moved in!  Here is a picture of us filling in our whiteboard walls, which have been amazing!! It's very easy to collaborate and strategize on the walls. 

Britt and Nick filling in our HubSpot thermometer to our Platinum status

Nick presenting a strategy on the whiteboard wall 

Remington thought that it would be fun to have mini drones flying around the office, which didn't last long because the batteries died after about one minute. 
Remington flying a mini drone
We celebrated finishing yet another kick-ass development project with a friendly competition of Call of Duty. 
Nick and Derek playing Call of Duty

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